Photonic indices – a new look

Photonic indices – a new look

AUTHORS : Orlov Yu.N. 

YEAR : 2020 | Category : Educational

Each user of the ART method is constantly looking for the most accurate test options to quickly obtain reliable information about the main problems of the patient. By the last year’s, jubilee XXV conference, I presented a report on the possibility of using Biological Indices (BI) for the diagnostic search for the most complex (hidden) patient problems [1].

But it turned out that the use of photon indices (PHIs) is more informative for getting a quick way to the key problem. Information about both BI and photon indices (PI) is described in great detail in courses at the IMEDIS Center and in the literature [2–4], so there is no need to repeat this information. Here, apparently, it is worth setting out only the most key points on FI. The PI testing was suggested by H. Schimmel. Chlorophyll potencies from D2 to D30 are used as a filter (PI1 – PI22, and PI 22 has the sum of potencies D24, D26, D30).

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