“Spontaneous” effects of BRT

“Spontaneous” effects of BRT

AUTHORS : Ivanov O.A.

YEAR : 2002 | Category : Educational

1. Patient T., 47 years old. Diagnosis: heel spur, confirmed radiographically. Pain syndrome worries for two years. Completed a full course of allopathic treatment, including X-ray therapy, physiotherapy. He constantly takes non-steroidal analgesics. For the last 4 months he has been walking with a badik. Basic bioresonance therapy (BRT) was carried out in all meridians for 10 minutes without recording a BR-drug in order to demonstrate the capabilities of a new medical technology (I was going to treat her seriously ill husband). During therapy, the patient periodically cried out: “Oh, a spark has run through!”, Indicating the localization in the area of the heel spur. At the end of the therapy, the patient got up from the chair, calmly stepped on the sore heel, stamped it and with surprise said, “but the pain has passed.” I left the reception without a badik. Follow-up for 2 years. Repeated X-ray of the calcaneus On February 21, 2001, no pathology was revealed!

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