Diagnostics and treatment by the “IMEDIS-TEST” method

Diagnostics and treatment by the “IMEDIS-TEST” method

AUTHORS : Gotovsky Yu.V. | Kalachikov A.V. | Moskaleva O.V.

YEAR : 2002 | Category : Educational

It is known that the company “VEGA” is engaged in the introduction of the method of vegetative resonance test (ART) into clinical practice in Germany. Having visited the Lands of Badenwürttemberg this year and got acquainted with the work of Hal-practitioners on the VEGA-TEST and IMEDIS-TEST devices, we were pleasantly surprised by the high reviews about the Russian device.

In the conversation, the chief engineer of the VEGA company emphasized that the IMEDIS equipment surpasses its German counterparts in many respects. Let’s give one example of diagnostics and treatment on the device of the “IMEDIS” company according to the “IMEDIS-TEST” method. Man, 43 years old. Addressed with complaints of furunculosis in the face and back. Has suffered 4 attacks in the last 8 months. Took Zinat, Nutriklints, Pyobacteriophage.

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