The use of ultra-weak biophysical effects in complex treatmentacute viral hepatitis A and B

The use of ultra-weak biophysical effects in complex treatmentacute viral hepatitis A and B

AUTHORS : Zmyzgova A.V. | Abalakin V.A. | Fomina T.N. | Gukasova K.V. | Maksimova R.F. | Danilova T.V. | Samotolkina E. S. | Maksimov S.L. | Gotovsky Yu.V.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Second Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital Moscow, Moscow State Medical Dental University, Center “IMEDIS”, Moscow, Russia
YEAR : 2002 | Category : Type of application

According to WHO (1998), about 1/3 of the world’s population is already infected with various hepatitis viruses, and more than 5% of them suffer from chronic viral hepatitis (VH). Every year in the world about 2 million people die from VH, of which 100 thousand – from fulminant infection, another 500 thousand – during an acute infection, about 700 thousand – from cirrhosis of the liver and its complications, 300 thousand – from liver carcinoma. To date, significant progress has been achieved in the etiological diagnosis of GV, the features of the clinical course and pathogenesis of various types of GV have been studied, etc.

So, it was found that VH-A practically does not give chronic liver damage, chronic liver pathology observed after VH B in 10-13%, and after VH C – in 80%. In this regard, the search for new methods of treatment and new approaches to mobilization of the body’s defenses is an urgent task of infectious pathology. Ultra-weak electromagnetic oscillations are inherent in x resources to all living things, they form informational and regulatory system of a living organism, which, as it were, consists of many interconnected oscillators (Holberg F. et al, 1969).

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