Radial symmetry and macroenergetics of the individual

Radial symmetry and macroenergetics of the individual

AUTHORS : Chubarov V.A.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : St. Petersburg, Russia
YEAR : 2001 | Category : Educational

Macroenergy human is generated patterns macro- and microcosm through their dynamic interaction. However, it turned out that the general schemes of energy transport for the individual are ineffective, therefore, methods are needed that take into account the differences both on the somatic and psychological planes. The leading, dominant framework for humans is the framework formed by acupuncture meridians (channels).

The vibrations of the core elements create a “unique” wave profile, the analysis of which is impossible without an individual aspect. We assign the leading role to the principle of symmetry and the thesis according to which no phenomenon can be considered fully understood, if the relationship between the symmetry of causes and the symmetry of effects is not found (Uzory Symmetry, 1980).

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