Problems of preventing premature aging after suffering COVID-19

Problems of preventing premature aging after suffering COVID-19

AUTHORS : Zyuganov V.V.  | Sobruchev S.I.  | Fenyutina T.V.  | Chizh M.V.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Institute of Developmental Biology RAS, Rotational Medicine Center of the Ministry of Administration of Gazprom, Center “IMEDIS”, Moscow, Russia
YEAR : 2021 | Category : Educational

Currently, there is evidence that one of the complications of COVID-19 may be the so-called “early aging syndrome.” At the same time, a person not only outwardly very quickly becomes similar to an old man, but at the level of organs and systems, all processes proceed as in old age. The problem of aging has been of interest to mankind for a long time. Scientists have tried to find an “Elixir of Youth” or at least some means to slow down the aging process.

Currently, researchers are more and more inclined to believe that aging and related systemic diseases are formed not due to extinction, but, on the contrary, due to overstrain of the activity of the systems that regulate the energy processes of adaptation and reproduction. In particular, due to an increase in the activity of the overexcited hypothalamus, its sensitivity to negative feedback signals decreases.

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