Choosing a pointer for bioresonance therapy

Choosing a pointer for bioresonance therapy

AUTHORS : Kazantsev M.N.

YEAR : 2020 | Category : Educational

Relevance of the topic Specialists in bioresonance therapy are well aware that a therapeutic drug or method of action is selected through some kind of index. And depending on the selected index, the medicinal product, and therefore the result of the treatment, will differ and often significantly. It is incorrect and irresponsible to approach when the choice of therapy steps is based only on the doctor’s intuition, so the choice of a pointer for subsequent testing of therapy is a primary task.

With improperly selected treatment, at best, there will be no result or insignificant result, at worst – disruption of adaptive mechanisms and rapid progression of the disease, up to the development of oncology. So, the choice of a pointer for the selection of therapy is an extremely important primary task of any BRT specialist. Among bioresonance therapy specialists, there are two directions in the use of pointers for the selection of therapy:

1. All subsequent therapy is structured using a single pointer.

2. Use complex pointers that take a systematic approach. If we assume that the patient has a sum of related or unrelated different diseases, then the search and subsequent treatment of the key diagnosis through some “important” indicator is justified.In this case, it does not matter which indicator is chosen: the optimal step of therapy, a pointer to the key nosode, any load, etc.

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