Chakra melody

Chakra melody

AUTHORS : Mathison A.N. 

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Firma “Matisons” SIA, Riga, Latvia
YEAR : 2020 | Category : Educational

“If you want to know the secrets of the Universe, you have to think in three categories – the category of energy, vibration and frequencies. ” Nikola Tesla

It would be correct to call this article “Chakra frequencies and their use in diagnostics and treatment”, because it will talk about how, how they can and should be used in the practice of a bioresonance therapy physician. What is chakra? Translated from Sanskrit – a circle, a wheel, a disk, or rather – an energy cone (funnel), with the help of which the body exchanges information (energy) with the outside world.

We are well aware of the microchakras called acupuncture points that we use in our daily practice. They are located on the classical meridians, with the help of which the energy-informational regulation of physiological processes in the body is carried out. For the points of the classical meridians, frequencies were found that can be used both for diagnosis and for treatment of a person. In addition to the classical acupuncture points by R. Voll, additional points were discovered, which we also often use for diagnostics and therapy, but the frequencies with which they resonate are still unknown.

In electropuncture diagnostics according to the method of R. Voll, the points of projection of the chakras on the hands, feet or auricles are often used. They give an idea of the floor of pathological changes in the body. Frequencies have recently been discovered for these chakras. Looking through the information on the Internet, I discovered an interesting direction of therapeutic resonance on a person with the help of special music created at certain frequencies, which is more often used for meditation practices, as well as a special instrument BILO.

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