Adjuvant bioresonance therapy using APK “IMEDIS-EXPERT”

Adjuvant bioresonance therapy using APK “IMEDIS-EXPERT”

AUTHORS : Kempe N.  | Leopold K. 

YEAR : 2020 | Category : Educational

Official (evidence-based) medicine and alternative medicine (often called complementary) are developing very rapidly both in the direction of methodological and hardware support, and now the question of their interaction arises. This is also due to the fact that representatives of both directions of medicine are increasingly beginning to use a combination of a holistic approach when choosing therapy and the achievements of official medicine. For effective interaction between the directions of medicine, it is necessary to solve the problems that arise as a result of different interpretations of symptoms and the type of therapeutic approach to the disease:

1. Differences in diagnosis. The first very important problem is the definition diagnosis. In some cases, the patient’s symptoms are interpreted differently by doctors – representatives of different directions in medicine. This is confirmed by various statistics. At the same time, significant differences in the diagnosis arise within each of these two areas.

2. Different ways to achieve the goal of therapy. In most cases, the approaches of the official medicine is focused on eliminating the symptoms of the disease, while there is a narrow specialization of doctors (ENT, urology, cardiology, orthopedics, endocrinology, etc.). Energyinformational medicine, based on a holistic worldview, primarily seeks and acts on the causes of dysfunctions. Due to the difference in approaches, conflict situations can arise, but with a correct understanding of the merits of each method, it is possible to significantly improve the quality and result of patient treatment, and reduce the time and cost of treatment.

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