Implicit body time and body treatmentin its implicit time

[replImplicit body time and body treatmentin its implicit time

AUTHORS : Gotovsky Yu.V. | Mkhitaryan K.N. | Bobrov I.A. | Ilyukhin V.V.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : City Clinical Hospital No. 57, Center “IMEDIS”, Moscow, Russia
YEAR : 2002 | Category : Educational

Introduction The paper considers a fundamentally new approach to the diagnosis and treatment of an organism – chronosemantic diagnostics and therapy, or, which is the same, its treatment in symbolic (implicit) time. It has been shown that the approach to diagnostics and therapy depends on the choice of a model of the body’s homeostasis. In particular, chronosemantic diagnostics and therapy are a consequence of the choice as such a model – the model of chronosemantic homeostasis.

1. The organism as a chronosemantic system Currently, it is generally accepted that the body (in particular, the human body) can be considered as biological self-organizing energy-information system [ one]. It means that:

1. First of all, the body is biological system, therein the most general sense of this concept, in relation to biology, which was considered by L. von Bertalanffy. Namely, an organism is an “ordered set of interconnected elements”, in the exact according to the definition biological system, given by the mentioned biologist in the 60s of our century [2]. From this, at first glance, a trivial remark, it follows that the entire apparatus of the systems approach, developed in cybernetics and systemology, can be fully applied to the organism.

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