Operation of K. Hering’s law in BRT

Operation of K. Hering’s law in BRT

AUTHORS : Yakovets I. V. 

YEAR : 2002 | Category : Educational

The diagnosis and therapy of integrative medicine is based on the homeopathic principle of drug selection, based on the use of the method of potentiation or homeopathic dynamization. In this case, there is a coincidence or resonance of the frequencies of the pathological organ or agent with the frequencies of the acting method of therapy, drug or drug.

In bioresonance therapy, when the patient is in the exposure circuit during the procedure, the individual selection of the BR-drug is not based on the symptoms of the manifestation of the disease or its clinical picture, manifested in the form of painful sensations, but is a feedback signal and is included in the BRdrug in the form of information. … BR-drug possesses a set of symptoms, which the living organism ranks in a sequence corresponding to their initial significance, and perceives it as a whole to activate the mechanism of self-regulation both at the mental and somatic levels.

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