Miasmatic approach to diagnostics and therapy in the “IMEDIS-TEST” system

Miasmatic approach to diagnostics and therapy in the “IMEDIS-TEST” system

AUTHORS : Shraibman G.G. | Shraibman M.M.

YEAR : 2002 | Category : Educational

According to the doctrine of S. Hahnemann, a person can be cured of a chronic disease only by creating an artificial disease similar to the existing one. Under the concept of “chronic disease” S. Hahnemann understood not a variety of nosological forms, but something intangible, which allows the development and progress of the pathological (miasmatic) process.

The ineffectiveness of the therapy was the reason for him to thoroughly study the general patterns of chronic diseases and create the theory of miasms, brilliantly confirmed by him in practice, when serious chronic diseases were cured “… in a short time and forever.” S. Hahnemann recognized only three independent chronic miasms.

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