Overview of real-time systems for single-chip microcomputers

Overview of real-time systems for single-chip microcomputers

AUTHORS : Matyushin A.O.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Post-graduate student of MPEI, VMSS department, Moscow, Russia
YEAR : 2001 | Category : Educational


This article is a continuation of the article published in the collection of reports of the VI International Conference “Theoretical and Clinical Aspects of the Application of Bioresonance and Multiresonance Therapy” [1]. It considered the principles of constructing devices and hardware and software systems produced at the IMEDIS Center on the back of Microchip processors.

The limited resources of the processors used require solving problems of real-time kernel optimization, to which this work is devoted. Real-time systems and their characteristics The system works in real time if it gives the correct result in response to an incoming request within a specified period of time from the moment the request was received. Let us note a number of properties of queries that are processed by the real-time system [2]:

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