Treatment of birth trauma in young children

Treatment of birth trauma in young children

AUTHORS : Kirgizova N.S., Kochemarov S.N.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Siberian Center for Traditional Medicine, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
YEAR : 2001 | Category : Educational

We present the experience of treating 76 patients aged from 5 days to 2 years with birth trauma of varying severity. The fact of injury is confirmed by clinical examination, laboratory and instrumental examination methods. The principle of treatment consists in a combination of the methods of applied kinesiology, herbal medicine, electropuncture therapy according to R. Voll and bioresonance therapy (BRT).

Routine methods of kinesiological testing through an intermediary identify the priority side pathological process (structure, biochemistry, energy). In the presence of structural priority, compression of sphino-basilar synchondrosis and functional blocks or fixation C0-1 and C1-2. Moreover, injuries of the upper cervical spine were revealed much more often than dysfunction of the skull bones (76% and 57%, respectively).

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