Bioresonance therapy as a new method of treatment in gastroenterology

 Bioresonance therapy as a new method of treatment in gastroenterology

AUTHORS : Aleshina T.V. | Matveev G.N. | Gotovsky Yu.V. | Semendyaeva M.E. |
Lebedev A.V. | Zhuravleva M.G.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Clinical Hospital No. 83 of the Federal Office Biomedical and Extreme Problems of the Ministry of Health and the medical industry of the Russian Federation; (Chief Physician – Academician, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation G.N. Matveev, Moscow, Russia
YEAR : 1996  | Category : Type of application

It is safe to say that modern gastroenterology has achieved success in the treatment of a number of diseases (peptic ulcer, chronic diffuse liver diseases, diseases of the biliary tract). Nevertheless, there is no need to celebrate, because there remains a category of difficult patients with continuous relapse, complicated course of the disease, resistance to a number of allopathic drugs, the presence of so-called “mixed”. As a result, conventional allopathic approaches to treating a variety of cases have failed .

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