New directions in Bioresonance and Multiresonance Therapy

N ew directions in Bioresonance and Multiresonance Therapy

AUTHORS :  Gotovsky Yu.V.  

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Center for Intelligent Medical Systems “IMEDIS”, Moscow, Russia
YEAR : 1996  | Category : Method of treatment

A new method of adaptive bioresonance therapy (BRT) by the patient’s own electromagnetic oscillations is presented. These vibrations are removed from the body, processed in a special way in the device, where physiological and pathological vibrations in a wide range of frequencies are separated and then sent back to the patient’s body in certain amplitude and phase correspondences. As a result, the suppression of pathological fluctuations and the strengthening, if necessary, of physiological ones is achieved. The spectra of physiological and pathological fluctuations can be recorded on various storage media: water, homeopathic grits, saline and the like, which can be used as medicines in between sessions of bioresonance therapy.

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