Touches of memory. Old Doctor’s Notes (continued)

Touches of memory. Old Doctor’s Notes (continued)

AUTHORS : Karpeev A.A.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : National Council for Homeopathy (Moscow)
YEAR : 2021


Most of my adolescence was spent in Istra near Moscow. More precisely, in a military town located five
kilometers from this regional center. The military town is a very peculiar, unusual formation, settlement. Our town
was created in the early 50s in the air defense system of the capital and consisted of two parts – a soldier’s (barracks)
and an officer’s (two streets of the so-called Finnish houses, a total of about thirty). The soldier’s unit housed the
command (headquarters), classes for study and political and educational work, a club, a library. On one of the streets
(next to the house where our family lived) there was a military store where the inhabitants of the town regularly



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