Development of an express method for obtaining inulin

Development of an express method for obtaining inulin

AUTHORS : Dyakova ON.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Voronezh State University (Voronezh)
YEAR : 2021


Inulin is a natural plant polyfructosan that is in demand in modern medicine, pharmacy and food industry. Available patented technologies for inulin production are characterized by low product yield and significant duration. The aim of the study was to develop an express method for the isolation and quantitative determination of inulin from dandelion roots. To accelerate the process of extracting biologically active substances from the roots of medicinal dandelion, as well as to increase the yield of inulin, it was decided to use an ultrasonic bath. By varying the parameters of the process, it was possible to select the optimal conditions for the extraction of inulin from the roots of dandelion medicinal under the conditions of sonication: the grinding



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