Clinical case

Clinical case

AUTHORS : Anvarul Azim Md.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : LLC “Doctor Azim”, Moscow, Russia
YEAR : 2021 | Category : Clinical Case

For many years, the Doctor Azim LLC clinic has been treating patients with the method of bioresonance therapy in combination with acupuncture and color therapy of intractable eye diseases, such as optic nerve atrophy, vascular and degenerative retinal pathologies, glaucoma (primary, asymptomatic and advanced), myopia (myopia) progressive, farsightedness (hyperopia), accommodation spasm, asthenopia, amblyopia, double vision, astigmatism, strabismus, ptosis, nystagmus, computer vision syndrome, dry eye syndrome, neurophthalmology, rehabilitation after tumor removal, brain cysts and also eye diseases in children diagnosed with cerebral palsy (cerebral palsy) in the “Joy” rehabilitation center [1].

When carrying out this complex of treatment, positive results were achieved almost in 100% of cases, which was reported at numerous conferences, both in our country and abroad. In this article, we would like to present one of the most striking cases from our clinical practice. Patient M., 13 years old. Underlying disease: Cerebral palsy, spasticdiplegia. Delayed motor development.

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