Skin allergy treatment

Skin allergy treatment

AUTHORS : Bocharov D.G. 

YEAR : 2021 | Category : Method of Treatment

Patient M.L.K., 36 years old, complained of itching of the skin of the back, which did not go away for several days, asked for help in eliminating this problem. The work was carried out on the device “IMEDIS-EXPERT” of the 3rd generation. One of the wire plugs for transferring to liquid media (with a crocodile clip) was connected to the socket located next to container # 2 (PR). With the help of a crocodile clip, a piece of food grade aluminum foil was connected to this wire, which was placed on the patient’s bare skin in the itching area.

Through container No. 1 (ZAP) of the apparatus, electromagnetic signals (EMC) were recorded on a neutral carrier (several globules of pure homeopathic sugar crumbs). The recording was made in the section “Bioresonance therapy” – “Swing” (swing range from 1 to 145, time per frequency 0.1 seconds, swing mode – changing the frequency code).

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