Some features of diagnostics and therapyusing “IMEDIS-EXPERT”

Some features of diagnostics and therapyusing “IMEDIS-EXPERT”

AUTHORS : Taneva V.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : LLC “Formula Health”, Burgas, Bulgaria
YEAR : 2020 | Category : Educational

Introduction In Egypt on the pyramid of Cheops there is a hieroglyphic inscription: “People are dying from inability to use the forces of nature and from ignorance of the true world. ” Man is the most perfect, the most beautiful, the most unknown being, endowed by nature with an incredible and unattainable intellect and reason. At the same time, the most beautiful and perfect creature on the planet is subject to many types of influences: mechanical, physical, chemical, biological, psychogenic stimuli.

In the intense and complex whirlpool of modern life, a person practically forgets that he and all of humanity, from which he cannot be separated, are inextricably linked with the biosphere – with a certain part of the planet on which we live. They are naturally associated with its material and energetic structure. The famous American Bill Gates declares that human DNA is similar to a computer program, only it is infinite and much more perfect.

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