Possibilities of ART in the diagnosis of latent diseases

Possibilities of ART in the diagnosis of latent diseases

AUTHORS : Makarevich A.V.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Center for Resonant Medicine “INFOMED”, Minsk, Belarus
YEAR : 2020 | Category : Diagnostic

I think that most practicing doctors have faced a situation when a patient who has serious health complaints, has undergone all possible clinical studies, has been consulted by almost all possible specialists, but does not have clear and understandable information about what is happening to him and how restore health. Most often this happens due to the absence of clinically significant deviations in laboratory tests and the results of instrumental methods of patient examination.

In such cases, the method of vegetative resonance test (ART) helps. [1], proposed by the German physician H. Schimmel in 1978. This research method has established itself as a simple, fast and effective way to determine the state of human health. Moreover, the doctor immediately has a holistic picture of the state of the whole organism with revealed causal relationships in organs and systems, inflammatory, degenerative processes, possible infections, intoxications, including negative external environmental factors.

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