Neutralization of toxins and radionuclides using bioresonance therapy

Neutralization of toxins and radionuclides using bioresonance therapy

AUTHORS : Parkhomenko A.P. 

YEAR : 2020 | Category : Method of Treatment

In modern conditions, the problem of environmental degradation and environmental pollution is becoming increasingly important. The amount of chemical components in food products is rapidly increasing. Unfortunately, not every organism has enough adaptation reserves to quickly adapt to constantly changing conditions of existence. Chronic diseases appear, and with their decompensation – organ failure, which significantly shortens life expectancy.

The author proposes the results of many years of work on the search and improvement of methods for neutralizing toxins and radionuclides using bioresonance technologies. 1. Method of inversion and transformation (IIP) In 2020, the drug selector “IMEDIS” contains two bioresonance drugs that I developed using this technique: 1) Toxins neutralization (model 22.04.19). 2) Radionuclides neutralization.

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