Infrared therapy in complex treatmentinfectious and inflammatory diseases

Infrared therapy in complex treatmentinfectious and inflammatory diseases

AUTHORS : Parkhomenko A.P.

YEAR : 2020 | Category : Method of Treatment

Along with antimicrobial therapy, anti-inflammatory therapy occupies an important place in the treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseases, the task of which is to accelerate the process of resorption of inflammatory infiltration in the focus of inflammation. The combination of antimicrobial therapy with antiinflammatory therapy can significantly speed up the patient’s recovery process.

The author proposes a method of treatment with infrared therapy, which combines the ease of performing procedures, ease of use and a powerful systemic effect for any localization of the infectious and inflammatory process in the body. The technique does not require deep knowledge of reflexology, BAP topography and can be used by a doctor of any specialty. The autonomous apparatus for magnetic and light therapy “MINI-EXPERT-CT” is used. A device for carrying out infrared therapy, an IR probe, is connected to the UTsT socket.

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