The role of psychological conflict in the occurrence of thyroid diseases glands

The role of psychological conflict in the occurrence of thyroid diseases glands

AUTHORS : Rybko V.O. 

YEAR : 2019 | Category : Educational


This work is an attempt to connect different areas: classical medicine, information medicine and psychology to expand the possibility of diagnostics, a broader understanding of the depth of the ongoing processes and to search for new approaches to treatment. On the example of thyroid gland diseases, the concept of the relationship between the autoimmune process and many factors, extended in time, including the level and direction of the internal psychological conflict and its strategies, is proposed.

1. The main levels that ensure the synchronization of a person with environment

1.1. The level of human psychology. The depth of the level of conflict causes changes in a person’s personality. Long-term chronic consequences of trauma or any other significant event lead to the accumulation of strong tension in the unconscious person, which forms a certain distortion in the perception of information both from the outside and from the inside. This causes a violation of the pacemaker ensemble, perception, processing and formation of information within a person.

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