Adaptive energy is the basis of the body’s vital functions

Adaptive energy is the basis of the body’s vital functions

AUTHORS : Makina S.K. 

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Medical center “Vega-Plus”, Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan
YEAR : 2019 | Category : Educational

“And yet it turns!” (Italian E pur si muove!) Astronomer, philosopher and physicist Galileo Galilei

The topic of energies related to biological objects, as such, is extremely important and at the same time little studied. For the first time the term “adaptive energy” was introduced into scientific life by Hans Hugo Bruno Selye, Doctor of Medicine and Chemistry, Canadian pathologist, endocrinologist of Austro-Hungarian origin. Back in 1936, Selye published for the first time (the journal “Nature”) a work devoted to his hypothesis about the general adaptation syndrome (OSA) – as a nonspecific reaction of the animal organism in response to various damaging factors of the internal and external environment. SLA has entered science as a term stress.

However, Selye did not use the term “stress” for a long time in describing OSA due to disagreement on Cannon’s definition of the term “stress”. For the first time the term “stress” was introduced into the scientific world, physiology and psychology, by the American scientist psychophysiologist, MD, honorary foreign member of the USSR Academy of Sciences Walter Cannon.

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