Can tuberculosis be cured?

Can tuberculosis be cured?

AUTHORS : Sheshukov P.F.

YEAR : 2019 | Category : Method of Treatment

The WHO Regional Office is currently adapting the Global Tuberculosis (TB) Strategy for the European Region 2016–2020. The main goal of this five-year plan is to prevent the transmission of drug-susceptible and drug-resistant TB by ensuring universal access to treatment services (elimination of clinical manifestations of the disease, persistent cessation of bacterial excretion, sustained healing of tuberculosis changes, restoration of working capacity), prevention, diagnosis and treatment of TB with MDR / XDR in all Member States of the WHO European Region.

This Plan is aligned with the Health-2020 “. The following objectives must be achieved, adapted from the strategyEnd TB: – reduction of mortality from TB by 35%; – reducing the incidence of TB by 25%; – to achieve an indicator of success in treating MDR-TB patients at a level of both minimum 75%. In Russia, in recent years, there has been a noticeable decrease in the incidence of tuberculosis and mortality from this disease (the incidence of tuberculosis per 100 thousand population in 2018 was 41.96 versus 90.7 in 2000), but the country is still in the ranking of countries with excess the burden of tuberculosis.

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