Echinococcosis or cancer?

Echinococcosis or cancer?

AUTHORS : Guseinov S.N. | Huseynov T.S.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Medical Center “Edelweiss”, Moscow, Russia
YEAR : 2019 | Category : Educational

Many have heard about echinococcus and the serious diseases it causes. Mature worms – echinococci live in the intestines of various domestic and wild animals (dog, cat, wolf, fox, jackal, arctic fox, lynx, marten, ferret, coyote, hyena, etc.). The last part of the echinococcus body is called the uterus. Up to 800 eggs ripen in it. The uterus with the matured eggs of the parasite periodically breaks away from the body of the worm and comes out together with feces or on its own.

It moves on the ground or along the fur of animals, shooting around the parasite’s eggs 0.03 mm in size. People become infected by swallowing echinococcus eggs, which fall from dirty hands after contact with the ground, stroking animals, from poorly washed vegetables, fruits and berries, with contaminated water, etc. Swallowed eggs in the human intestines hatch into larvae.

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