Work algorithm

Work algorithm

AUTHORS : Dykun N.V.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Treatment and Diagnostic Center “Piramida”, Dubno, Ukraine
YEAR : 2019 | Category : Algorithm

In the work of a doctor with a patient, it is important to answer the questions: “Where? What? How to treat, and for how long? ” At the same time, the doctor’s actions should be aimed at giving the patient the optimal amount of time: as much – as justified and as little – as possible. It takes the author 2-3 hours for the initial appointment with the patient,

Filling in the data, taking anamnesis takes 5-7 minutes. It includes only data on previous operations, taking medications, contact with harmful substances and 1-2 clarifying questions, depending on the specific situation. I try not to ask questions about: “What are you complaining about? Do you have the conclusions of previous doctors and test results with you? ” Our patients advise each other not to tell their complaints at the beginning of the appointment, they say: “There is such equipment that she herself will see everything.”

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