The use of diagnostic scales in monitoring the treatment of various diseases

The use of diagnostic scales in monitoring the treatment of various diseases

AUTHORS : Postnikova O.A.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Department of Homeopathy and Electro-acupuncture Medicine of the Institute of
qualifications of FU MB and EP at the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia
YEAR : 2002 | Category : Type of application

When using the autonomic resonance test (ART) in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, some patterns have been revealed. In assessing the dynamics of the patient’s condition, the general condition was primarily assessed by the integral indicators of the organism as a whole: general biological and photon indices (OBI and OPI) (Gotovsky Yu.V. et al., 1998), according to the levels of health, according to the psychoemotional scale (Makhonkina L.B., Sazonova I.M., 2000), and then, secondarily, of individual systems and organs.

The psychoemotional scale requires a mandatory study, since the correction of other indicators may be associated with an adaptive response, with stress overvoltage, and then the discrepancy between the two indicators is undesirable, because they are on the psychoemotional scale, extreme values are visible. Such reactions are uneconomical, leading to expenditure of the organism’s adaptive reserves, instead of accumulating them, as happens, for example, during the adaptive reactions of training (Garkavi L.Kh. et al., 1998).

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