Organization of expert systems for diagnostics in an active experiment

Questions of technical implementation of color therapy devices

AUTHORS : Machin K.V.

YEAR : 2002 | Category : Educational

There are several methods of electropunctural diagnostics of the state of the human body. One of the most promising is the method of vegetative resonance test (ART). It is based on the effect of resonance that occurs in the organism of the investigated person upon presentation of a certain frequency spectrum from the outside. A physically native drug or frequencies corresponding to a certain pathological or organic factor (process) are used as a test indicator (diagnosticum).

In the presence of a similar frequency spectrum in the subject’s body, a resonance effect occurs, which manifests itself in a change in skin resistance, which is recorded using the IMEDISFOLL hardwaresoftware complex developed by the IMEDIS company. Despite the fact that only one reproducible BAP is used to solve the problems of diagnostics and drug testing in the ART method, the number of experiments (measurements), depending on the goals or tasks set, can vary significantly and reach a significant value (from 100 to 200 or more measurements in one patient).

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