Questions of technical implementation of color therapy devices

Questions of technical implementation of color therapy devices

AUTHORS : Goltsov A.G.

YEAR : 2002  | Category : Data

It has long been noticed by people that color has an effect on a person. Eastern philosophers and healers compared colors to the elements and proposed recipes for their therapeutic and diagnostic use. These ideas were further developed in the works of modern Western practitioners of color therapy. The general principle of exposure in this case is the irradiation of biologically active points (BAP) and zones (BAZ) with colored light sources.

What is color? Color is always characterized by three parameters. The color parameters directly perceived by the visual analyzer are hue (“red”, “yellow”, “green”), brightness (“dark”, “bright”) and saturation (“juicy”, “faded”, “dirty”, “clean “,” Pastel “). To describe color in technology, other sets of parameters are also used, but there are always three (or more) of them. A number of popular sources claim that color is the same as the wavelength of light.

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