Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective on herpes simplex

Complicated herpes simplex

AUTHORS : Kolganov I.V. | Fedorova N.I.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Center for Bioresonance Medicine “Dana”, Voronezh, Russia
YEAR : 2002  | Category : Data

Remembering that the foundations of traditional Chinese medicine, proven for centuries, are often “diamonds that are not seen underfoot,” we decided to turn to her. According to the views of traditional Chinese medicine, herpetic eruptions are manifestations of the syndrome of internal moisture (nei-shi). It is known that early Chinese medicine was unable to detect microbes, viruses, small parasites, and therefore the description of the pathogenesis was “artistic” in nature.

Thus, six pathogenic painful influences (liu-yin) were considered as the causes of diseases, each of which is tropic to some energy axis of the human body. These axes are the longitudinal organization of energy flows, commonly known in Chinese medicine as the great meridians.

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Complicated herpes simplex
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