Clinical observations

Clinical observations

AUTHORS : Prytkov M.M. | Timonova Yu.S.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Center “Medical Services”, Moscow, Russia
YEAR : 2002 | Category : Case Study

1. Patient TS, 5 years old. Preparing for a planned operational intervention for adenoid vegetation of the nasopharynx by a regional ENT specialist. Clinically, nasal breathing is difficult, it is compensated by breathing through the mouth. It is accompanied by chronic tonsillitis, hearing loss in the left ear.

On the hardware-software complex “IMEDIS-VOLL”, combining the methods of vegetative resonance test (ART) and bioresonance therapy (BRT), in two sessions it was possible to achieve a stable clinical effect – nasal breathing was restored, complaints of hearing loss disappeared, the question of surgical intervention was removed … Duration of observation is 4 months.

2. Patient IRS, 39 years old. Suffers from persistent pain in the spine about 15 years. Increased pain is provoked by heavy physical exertion. In 1990, he underwent a course of treatment with hormones, vitamins, (according to the scheme) in Institute of Rheumatology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, then Clinically there is pronounced non-persistent pain at rest of bioresonance therapy and fixation ankylosing spondylitis was diagnosed.restriction in the spine, neck, and movement. When using these exogenous frequencies for After a month and a half of treatment, the mobility of the spine increased by 35%, the pain began to be sporadic, and began to be stopped by taking non-narcotic analgesics.

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