Bioresonance and information therapy of diseases caused by false miasms

Bioresonance and information therapy of diseases caused by false miasms

AUTHORS : Skrypnyuk Z.D. | Larionova-Necherda O.E. | Fedorivsky V.N. | Mashkin N.V.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Research Institute of Informotherapy, Research Institute of Bioinformatics, Kiev, Ukraine
YEAR : 2002 | Category : Educational

Currently, apart from the three “real” miasms in homeopathy, there are two “false” miasms of chronic diseases. The first “false” miasm is malnutrition, organization of work and rest, etc. The second “false” miasm is inadequate drug treatment. In the last electromagnetic and informational pollution of the environment. In connection with time cause many diseases is an the fact that this factor is significantly different from the two first, it should be distinguished into a special third “false” miasm.

For adequate diagnosis and treatment out “false” miasms, patients methods microgenerator (microprocessor) informotherapy, bioresonance therapy and homeopathy at the first stage of diagnosis, it is necessary to identify and compensate for the influence of “false” miasms. Interviewing patients does not accurately determine the nutritional value. The diet of patients may lack certain amino acids, minerals, vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids, etc.

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