The use of markers of psychological states in ART

The use of markers of psychological states in ART

AUTHORS : Talpis L.B.

YEAR : 2002 | Category : Educational

Identification of psychological problems and traumas is a fairly common task that arises in the diagnosis by the method of R. Voll or autonomic resonance test (ART). One of the options for the preparation of markers of various psychological states is the use of the “erase-subtraction” technique.

Stage 1. Electromagnetic vibrations of a patient in a relaxed state are recorded on the crumbs in the mode of basic bioresonance therapy (BRT).

Stage 2. The patient recalls a traumatic situation, and then a recording of his electromagnetic oscillations in this state is made.

Stage 3. Record # 2 is in the 2nd container of the apparatus, and record # 1 is in the 3rd container. In the mode of basic bioresonance therapy without connecting electrodes in the 1st container of the device, we get a “clean” record of the traumatic state.

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