Treatment of gynecological diseases by the method of R. Voll

Treatment of gynecological diseases by the method of R. Voll

AUTHORS : Kiriyak A.S.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Polyclinic No. 6, Chisinau, Moldova
YEAR : 2002 | Category : Method of treatment

Anxious situation, bound withnumerous cases unjustified use antibiotics, polyprogmasy, an increase in the number iatrogenic diseases, primary chronic processes, allergization of the population, which has developed in the last decade, as never before, draws the attention of representatives of medical science and practice to new methods of treatment that can replace risky medical and surgical methods with safer and not causing additional damage to health patients.

The emergence of R. Voll’s methods, bioresonance therapy, resonance test (ART) significantly expand pathogenetic therapy of gynecological diseases. vegetative possibilities We observed patients with various gynecological diseases: chronic urogenital chlamydia – 10 patients, infertility – 3, recurrent endometrial polyposis in combination with uterine myoma – 3 patients.

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