The emergence, development and current state of color light therapy

The emergence, development and current state of color light therapy

AUTHORS : Gotovsky Yu.V. | Vysheslavtsev A.P. | Kosareva L.B. | Perov Yu.F. | Shraibman M.M.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Center “IMEDIS”, Moscow, Russia; Herzliya, Israel
YEAR : 2001 | Category : Educational

The history of the therapeutic use of light has several stages. developments that originate from reduced attempts at treatment with light, when the elementary efficiencies of the spectral components to the rough empiricism of the first ideas about different sun rays in general were absent.

The further development of this therapeutic method was due both to the development and improvement of artificial light sources with wide functional capabilities, and to advances in understanding the mechanisms of its therapeutic action. However, even the most cursory historical excursion testifies that the treatment with light did not appear like a deus ex machina, but has deep historical roots, and the prevailing continuity of ideas has led to the very state in which it is now.

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