Vegetative resonance test as a method of prediction and clairvoyance

Vegetative resonance test as a method of prediction and clairvoyance

AUTHORS : Bulaeva E.V.

YEAR : 2001 | Category : Educational

The topic of forecasting in all ages has been quite attractive to human minds. To be able to isolate and read from an object the information of interest about its past, future or present is a rather delicate matter both literally and figuratively. People who are especially sensitively gifted can do this in a special state of consciousness, which today we can scientifically designate as a state of psychophysical holographicity, which is based on the nonlocality of macro-objects, the ability to perceive and creatively analyze their wave energy structures.

It would seem that if all objects of the Universe are in a wave form, albeit hidden from the observer, at any point in space, it means that clairvoyance and farsightedness are explicable: it is enough to provide the necessary focusing of consciousness at a given point in space, which would allow the observer to discover hidden at each point of this space, the wave structures of objects, albeit located at a great distance from it.

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