Informotherapy of conformational homotoxicosis

Informotherapy of conformational homotoxicosis

AUTHORS : Skrypnyuk Z.D. | Levykh V.Ya. | Mysyuk E.I.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Research Institute of Informotherapy, Kiev, Ukraine
YEAR : 2001 | Category : Educational

Dr. Reckeweg’s homotoxin doctrine defines all diseases as biologically purposeful defense processes against toxic factors or toxic injuries. Reckeweg distinguished six phases of homotoxicosis. The first three phases represent relatively harmless homotoxicosis. They appear in the form of physiological secretions (excretion phases), in the form of inflammations (reactive phases) and in the form of precipitation phenomena (deposition phases).

Through the mechanism of inflammation, poisons are destroyed and excreted. The increase in the number of degenerative diseases, cancer and mental disorders is greatly facilitated by the fact that the first three phases, especially inflammation, are incorrectly estimated. At the same time, the temperature goes down, inflammation is inhibited and secretions are suppressed. This disrupts the natural mechanism of detoxification.

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