Technique for Dealing with System Depletion States

Technique for Dealing with System Depletion States

AUTHORS : Gritsenko E.G. | Gritsenko A.G.

YEAR : 2001 | Category : Educational

Daily practical experience of using the method of vegetative resonance test (ART), the desire to consistently implement the principles of integrative medicine make us constantly analyze the set of processes behind each test from the standpoint of classical medicine. Tests for exhaustion and stress of the immune and endocrine systems are among the most important integrative indicators.

The voltage state of any system the phenomenon is physiologically understandable, structural and functional processes are known that provide it at all levels from subcellular to systemic. The metabolic and morphofunctional processes occurring in individual organs during the development of a state of exhaustion of this organ are described. But what is behind the system depletion test?

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