Resonant number

Resonant number

AUTHORS : Fadeev I.V.

YEAR : 2001 | Category : Educational

Resonance (French. – I respond).

A foolish person believes that all people are the same, a wise person knows that all people are different – and this is his strength.

The homeopathic method in Russia for 200 years after its discovery by F.S. In 1995, the method was officially recognized by the Russian Ministry of Health, and Order No. 335 was issued. Thus, homeopathy has confidently taken its important place in the health care system. This event prompted many doctors to study the homeopathic method and generated a significant demand for related literature.

In recent years, many monographs, repertoria, collections of both domestic and foreign editions have been published. It is also pleasing that the quality and production volumes of domestic homeopathic preparations have increased. And this reflects a significantly increased number of both doctors and patients who profess the principles of nonviolent treatment according to the law of similarity. The preservation and rational use of biological, and especially irreplaceable reserves is one of the most important tasks of modern therapy.

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