Experience of using APK “IMEDIS-FALL”:cases from diagnostic practice

Experience of using APK “IMEDIS-FALL”:cases from diagnostic practice

AUTHORS : OrlovYu.N. | Orlov M.N.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : 1602 District Military Clinical Hospital, Rostov-on-Don; Stavropol State Medical Academy, department of therapeutic dentistry No. 1, Stavropol, Russia
YEAR : 2001 | Category : Clinical evaluation

Everyday work on the equipment of the “IMEDIS” center allows not only expanding one’s horizons, without being confined to the narrowness of one’s specialization, but also to experience quite a few pleasant minutes from small diagnostic “discoveries”. Some observations are shown below. To us about pressure with arterial patient K. came up with complaints of increased arterial symptoms, the corresponding symptom complex, unstable pressure on the background of ongoing antihypertensive therapy for two years. When diagnosing on the agro-industrial complex “Drug testing” determined the ineffectiveness of the previously prescribed allopathic drug (tenoric).

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