Combined bioresonance diagnostics and therapy

Combined bioresonance diagnostics and therapy

AUTHORS : Gotovsky Yu.V. | Solomatin V.A. | Tikhomirov D.D.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Center “IMEDIS”, “Medical Center of High Technologies”, Moscow, Russia
YEAR : 2001 | Category : Educational

Currently, there is no clear function or law describing the mechanism of energy-informational impact in the diagnosis and therapy of the human body. Perhaps tomorrow it will seem like metaphysics, but today we are tied to the influence of electromagnetic signals that implement energy-informational interaction on the central and peripheral nervous system. On the one hand, the central and peripheral nervous system is a single whole, and, on the other hand, each of them is relatively independent.

No serious arguments are known to challenge the hierarchical subordination of the peripheral nervous system to the central one. F. Morrel’s doctrine regarding the presence of harmonic and disharmonic signals only on the periphery does not stand up to any criticism. The brain, as a bioenergetic center, bioinformatic and integral biocontrolling activity is a recognized phenomenon, supported by numerous facts.

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