Bioresonance therapy as a method of energy-informational medicine

Bioresonance therapy as a method of energy-informational medicine

AUTHORS : Sosedov O.N. | Zelentsov B.I. | Kerekesha M.G. | Poduzova O.M. | Yamchinova I.V.

YEAR : 2000 | Category : Educational

Electro-acupuncture diagnostics and bioresonance therapy is one of the promising areas of comprehensive assessment and correction of human health. New approaches to treatment using the physiological capabilities of organs and the whole organism are aimed at activating the processes of self-healing of the functions of the systems of the human body. The method of adaptive bioresonance therapy consists in the treatment of the patient’s own electromagnetic oscillations. These vibrations are removed from the body, processed in a special way in the device, where physiological and pathological vibrations are separated in a wide range of frequencies, then again sent to the patient’s body in certain amplitude and phase ratios.

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