Errors in the diagnosis of cancer

Errors in the diagnosis of cancer

AUTHORS : Eliseeva O.I. | Salnikova T.V. | Muraveva I.L. | Tikhonova I.S. | Yankova L.B.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Medical Center Eliseeva O.I.
YEAR : 2000 | Category : Method of treatment

Oncology is an interesting, but unfortunately, a rather poorly studied area of medicine, although many millions and millions of dollars are spent on the needs of oncology as a science all over the world. Tumors, as we know, are malignant and benign, however, at what point the process of rebirth begins, no one can say for sure. The etiology of the tumor process is also not fully understood. Working in the center of OI Eliseeva, according to her method, trying to find out the nature of the oncological process, we came across a number of curious facts.

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