The magic and wonders of bioresonance therapy

The magic and wonders of bioresonance therapy

AUTHORS : Shehab L.F. | Shehab H.Yu.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Tver, Russia; Saida, Lebanon
YEAR : 2000 | Category : – – –

Since the time of Plato and Pythagoras, numbers have been considered as Ideas and Forces, intermediaries between the visible and invisible planes. With the help of numbers, the laws of music are revealed, which, as a science and rhythm, affect the physical and mental essence of a person. The number is a symbol of the spiritual plane. It is unacceptable to mix numbers, which are entities, with numbers, which are only their clothing. A number written in different signs (numbers) in Chinese, Sanskrit or Latin is always the same. Since ancient times, many scholars, beginning with the ancient Kabbalistic book “Sefer Jezira”, have devoted themselves to the study of numbers and their analogous connections. All numbers come from number one.

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