Practical cases

Practical cases

AUTHORS : Kolganov I.V.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Novovoronezh, Russia
YEAR : 2000 | Category : Case Study

Firstly, I would like to say a huge thank you to the developers of such unique equipment as APK “IMEDIS-VOLL”, which makes it possible to maximize the professional and creative potential of a doctor, get high results of work with a patient and, of course, a feeling of joy and deep satisfaction. … In my practice, I use all the methods and algorithms of treatment known to me, as much as I can and know.

The direction of thinking and, accordingly, the choice of strategy is set by each patient individually in each specific situation, but I always start the diagnosis with the vegetative resonance test (ART) “IMEDIS-TEST”, with the determination of geopathogenic, electromagnetic and radioactive loads and, if any, I select the frequency for them withdrawal. I widely use various BRT strategies, nosodes, organopreparations, homeopathy, flower infusions of Dr. Bach, thousandth and LM potencies, color therapy, ONOM preparations, and for the last seven months, most often – resonant frequency diagnostics and treatment of helminths, bacteria, protozoa, viruses , warts and magnetic induction programs for brain rhythms that exceeded all my expectations.

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