Combined effects of field and bioresonance therapy in oncology

Combined effects of field and bioresonance therapy in oncology

AUTHORS : Sobotovich S.L. | Kovalev P.L.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES :  Department of Traditional Medicine, Vladivostok State Medical University, Vladivostok, Russia
YEAR : 2000 | Category : Type of application

Patient M., 50 years old. He was admitted to the regional clinical hospital in May 1999 with a diagnosis of polyosteoarthritis deformans, right-sided coxitis. After the examination, the final diagnosis was made:BL right adrenal gland 4 tbsp., metastases in the upper third of the right thigh. Trepanobiopsy of the right femur was performed, as a result of which a pathological fracture was formed. Histological data poorly differentiated malignant surveys: tumors (cancer), metastasis solid medular structure, in places cancer of a light-cell structure, there are cells similar to squamous cell differentiation.

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