Traditional medicine in a pain clinic

Traditional medicine in a pain clinic

AUTHORS : Fadeev A.A. | Natakhin M.V. | Adashinskaya G.A. | Koroleva M.V.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Scientific and Practical Center for Traditional Medicine and Homeopathy of the Ministry of Health Russia, Moscow, Russia
YEAR : 2000 | Category : Educational

The problem of pain and anesthesia remains relevant from the inception of medicine to the present day. Pain is usually present in the clinical picture of most neurological, somatic and mental illness. In this regard, its adequate relief and pathogenetic treatment, taking into account the concomitant pathology, is an urgent task in the daily work of a doctor of any specialty. However, despite the importance of this problem, to date, no optimal solution has been found for comprehensive approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of pain, combining both modern and traditional (alternative) methods.

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